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State (NY, RI) & Mammography Credentials:
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Fetal Dose Estimates:

When a pregnant patient is inadvertently exposed to diagnostic medical radiation, it is important to know the dose to the fetus.  Based on imaging parameters provided by the client, UMP can offer an estimate of the fetal dose from diagnostic X-ray, CT, PET, Nuclear Medicine procedures and compare the dose to acceptable guidelines.

Click Here for an X-ray Fetal Dose Estimation worksheet

Click Here for a CT Fetal Dose Estimation worksheet 


Licenses for Services: (available upon request)

1.  Radiation Safety Training Programs

2.  Electronic Mammography QC Audit Calendars for all manufacturers

3.  CT Radiation Safety Training for ICACTL Accreditation

Radiographic & Fluoroscopic New Tube Installation Medical Physics Oversight Checklist


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Client-specific Downloads

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"Mr. Pizzutiello and the staff at Upstate Medical Physics have been a huge asset to myself during a transition into the Radiology Department Manager position. Coming from a nursing background, Upstate Medical Physics has been a valuable resource for all of my radiological safety and compliance concerns and questions."

Walt Keim RN
Radiology Department Manager
Olean Medical Group

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